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Frequently Asked Questions

Making so many important decisions can be overwhelming. At T.L. Jackson Construction,
we’ll guide you through the entire decision making process.

Can I tour a T.L. Jackson built home?
T.L. Jackson can arrange a visit to one of the many homes we have built.

Can I contact a former client?
We have letters of reference we can share with you, and we can also provide contact information from former clients you may contact directly.

Do you have home plan ideas to share with me?
We gave a designer on staff that can create custom plans or we can work from plans you provide.

Will your in-house craftsmen to do the trim detailing for my home?
T.L. Jackson has experienced craftsmen to install woodwork in your home.

Do you do small to mid-size remodeling work?
T.L. Jackson has done remodeling projects from a single bathroom or deck addition to completely restoring a century old farmhouse.

Do you quote on design and build light commercial work?
T.L. Jackson has experience remodeling schools  and building restaurants, churches, and office buildings. We are happy to provide quotes for commercial projects.

Will you help me determine if my site requires a variance?
Our knowledgeable staff will be able to determine if a variance or other special requirements are needed for your project. We will be happy to assist you through the variance process and make sure all necessary requirements are met.

Will T.L. Jackson review a potential property with me?
A representative from T.L. Jackson would be happy to look at a potential property and provide input.

Will you give me a budget prior to designing my house?
T.L. Jackson will work with you to develop a budget based on information that can be gathered prior to design.

Do you have a financial lender you work with that offers special programs and discounts?
T.L. Jackson works with Lake City Bank to offer attractive programs for our customers.

Can you accommodate my unique ideas for my new home?

T.L. Jackson will work with you to incorporate your ideas in your home. We have included indoor pools, spas, and even a basketball court in homes we have built.

Can you provide me with a list of items I need to consider?
You will receive a detailed checklist in the design process to assure you know all the decisions you will need to consider.

Does your design team have examples to show me?
Our designer has access a large variety of examples to share with you.

Can you incorporate my ideas into the project?
Decisions will be made based on your preferences, not ours. Whether choosing from our full range of resources or incorporating materials of your own, such as family heirlooms or purchases from other vendors and suppliers, T.L. Jackson partners with you to accommodate your needs.

Will you help me determine if my waterfront property requires special foundation specifications?
T. L. Jackson has built over a hundred lake front homes. We specialize in the unique building challenges of waterfront homes, so you can be assured that your lake home is quality constructed for the requirements of lakeside living.